Vision: everybody’s got one

Vision is more than just 20/20 eye sight.

Vision is what people cling to when they can’t see the road in front of them.

Sounds strange. But it’s true.

Everyone, regardless of the thickness of their lenses, has a vision.

Occupations and lifestyles, income and education do not matter when it comes to vision.

In a sense, vision cannot be taught.

You just have it.


A mother has a vision of her children laughing and happy, enjoying life.

A doctor has a vision of a healthy patient, free of sickness and injury.

A hairstylist has a vision of a perfect cut and color.

An architect has a vision of skylines and developments – the placement of walls and windows, details and design.

A farmer has a vision of corn and cows, a blend of rain and shine, a season free of storms and full of work.

A kid has a vision of life without abuse, a time when he can break free from the cycle of hunger and hurt.

A teacher has a vision of kids learning about math, reading, and life.

A businessman has a vision of sealing the deal, signing the contract, making the sale, and wooing the client.

A musician has a vision to soothe or rock an auditorium – to make a record and travel the world.

A student has a vision of a test aced, a project completed, a subject mastered, a diploma and degree.

A chef has a vision to create a flawless menu that satisfies the palette’s of patrons and connoisseurs with flavors that amaze and cause a craze.

A hockey player has a vision of the ice; their stick handling the puck, going top shelf – scoring the game winner.

A CEO has a vision of a thriving Fortune 500, of happy employees, and a client list to write home about.

An artist has a vision of a blank canvas filled with colors and textures, emotions and energy.

A photogrpher has a vision of still shots and candids, portraits and captured moments.

A carpenter has a vision of logs turned into chairs, tables, hutches, drawers, and headboards handcrafted, stained and painted into masterpieces.

A fashion designer has a vision of bolts of bold and whimsical fabrics transformed into the perfect summer line.

A writer has a vision of words and sentences structured and scattered across a blank screen, of readers satisfied and mystified.

A producer has a vision of the perfect show going off without a glitch, of cues perfectly cued, lights lit, and sounds mixed.

A lawyer has a vision of winning, of clients restored to justice.

A homeless family has a vision of shelter and protection, food and clothing, laughter and love.

A landscaper has a vision of green grass and growing plants, stretching across a lawn, with annuals and perennials reaching to the sun.

An angler has a vision of a sunny day, calm waters, and cast after cast resulting in catch after catch.

A villager has a vision of clean water and consistent meals, free of parasites and disease.

A mechanic has a vision of running engines, free of chokes and smoke, road ready and smoothe.

A coach has a vision of players gelling, of plays practiced and perfected, and games won, titles earned.


Though that vision list is not complete, it covers a lot of ground.

And somewhere in all those visions, is you.

Because everyone, regardless of their age, race, background, education, income, occupation, or marital status has a vision.

I know you’ve got one, so spill. What is your vision?


I ask. You answer.

  1. Where do you fit in the vision list?
  2. What is your vision?
  3. Over the years, how has your vision changed?
  4. How do you get other people to see what you see?

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