Wednesday Wars: popsicles – fancy vs. simple

These days it seems like everything has been upgraded and updated.

Things were simpler when I was a kid.

Food flavors were not mixed and mashed.

And in the summer, there were simple choices.

Popsicles were popsicles.

There was no fruit inside them. They were rarely multi-colored or filled with other juices and liquids forms of ice cream and ice. There weren’t as many cartoon-action-figured-novelty-themed and shaped icy treats.

Just simple, plain-Jane popsicles.

But maybe I’m old-fashioned. Maybe five flavors on one popsicle stick is the norm these days.

Be the judge. How do you like your frozen juicy treats on a stick?

Fancy or Simple?


I ask. You answer.

  1. Favorite popsicle flavor?

5 thoughts on “Wednesday Wars: popsicles – fancy vs. simple

  1. Funny! I just bought some popscicles on Sunday … I got what I grew up with – plain ones – a box with 3 flavours – grape, orange, and cherry (or lime I don’t remember). What I’ve missed with some popsicles are the riddles that were printed on the sticks. You had to eat a lot of popsicles to save the sticks to make things. Favourite flavour – cherry, grape, lime

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