Wednesday Wars: Starbucks vs. Caribou

Though I loathe the taste of coffee, I still find myself meeting friends at coffee shops.

Most of my friends guzzle down coffee and lattes like some people drink water. Meanwhile I still order kid-like drinks like hot chocolate or smoothies.

What can I say, my “coffee” taste bud never developed.

I may like mushrooms, calamari, onions, tomatoes, truffle oil, scallops, and other so called grown-up foods, but I never grew to like coffee.

In Minnesota, a lot of people consider it a coffee sin not to sip at Caribou. Though Minnesotan’s often fret when traveling outside of our state due to the lack of ‘Bou’s.

Typically when I meet people for “coffee,” we pick a nearby Caribou with its comfortable couches and chairs, cabin-like fireplaces and “up north” pictures hanging from wood paneled walls. The Minnesota feel is fleece-blanket welcoming on cold winter days, and lake front cool on summer mornings. All of which appeals to us laid-back midwesterners. When we want to feel like a rushed city-person we sometimes hop over to the nearest Starbucks, in all its sleekness and design, for Italian-size inspired drip drinks.

And the inevitable debate arises.

A loaded question that brings up many side points and arguments – what do you prefer – Starbucks or Caribou?

And I must say that even I, a non-coffee drinking adult have a preference.

And it is not as Minnesotan as some would think…


I ask. You answer.

  1. Starbucks or Caribou?
  2. Coffee drinks or smoothies (fake coffee drinks)?
  3. What drink do you always get at Caribou? What drink do you always get at Starbucks?
  4. How many coffees per day does it take to get you going??

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Wars: Starbucks vs. Caribou

  1. I’m not a coffee drinker (loathe it, can’t stand the smell of it – ugh) but … I LOVE Caribou Coffee’s hot chocolate. I’ve tested/tried at all 3 major coffee shops in the Twin Cities: Starbucks, Dunn and Bros, and Caribou Coffee – CC wins hands down.

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