Wednesday Wars: Foam vs. Liquid

I love Method handsoap! I’m not big on scented and flavored soaps and lotions. And that’s why I like Method products.

Yes, they have strong smelling hand sanitizing soaps, but they have mild ones, too.

So, that’s what I buy at Target whenever it’s on sale.

I usually purchase regular liquid soap. But a while back I bought the foam soap. The soap that falls into your hands already frothy and foamed.

And though I did not run any studies or tests with data and results, I do think that I go through the foam soap faster than the liquid soap…

Sorry, that’s not really the point of this post.

What I’m really asking is – how do you prefer your soap? Foam or liquid?


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Wars: Foam vs. Liquid

  1. I buy liquid..but it is for the same reason. I think I go through foam soap faster. But, I get my fix of foam soap at work and when I am out to really…its the best of both worlds!

    • ha. i never thought of it that way. foam at work, liquid at home. interesting. i thought maybe i went through foam faster because i liked pumping large amounts of foam into my hands everytime i needed to wash them! I feel wasteful when i buy foam…

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