French Fry Friday: Reunion

Reuniting with friends and family is something I genuinely like to do.

Last summer I attended a family reunion and loved every second of it.

There were kids running around. Adults mingling and monitoring kids.

We spent time at the lake. On the water. In the water.

We spent time talking and laughing.

We spent time cooking and prepping – husking corn and grilling meat.

We spent time reflecting and remembering those who were not present due to distance and death.

And we spent time discussing when our next reunion will occur.

Unfortunately that reunion will not take place this summer – this August.

But another reunion will – this August – just like last.

A reunion with friends I’ve come to love. Friends I met three short summers ago. Friends I look forward to laughing and learning with.

No matter what type of reunion you attend this summer – or any summer – the time spent with the people you reunite with is always special. All the stress of the planning and packing, flies out the window when you get to the site of the reunion. The place where you’ll hug, handshake, high-five, and hello your  friends and family. People you haven’t seen in years (or one year).

Those people are worth it.

Have a French Fry Friday Reunion kind of day.



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