Wednesday Wars: Classic Vs. Cutting edge characters

Disney was part of my daily life as a kid.


Because of the music. The songs and melodies that shaped my childhood. The songs that I belted out at the top of my lungs. The songs I sang with gusto.

Songs that you can’t ever forget the lyrics to.

Those are the classic movies that are stuck inside Disney Vaults. The classic movies that we all watched on VHS. The classic movies with sing-alongs and cassette tape soundtracks.

Contrast the song and dance movies with love stories and singing fish to today’s modern movies with fast cars and lost fish.

When Toy Story came out in 1995, it revitalized Disney movies. Gone are the days of music and dance; replaced with funny movie lines.

Kids and adults alike now watch animated masterpieces together. The cleverness of today’s flicks far exceeds that of classic movies of my time.

As much as I enjoy the cutting edge animations of Pixar – I really appreciate the simplicity and classy sounds of Disney classics.

Last week, friends and I belted out Disney song after Disney song.

Little Mermaid and Aladdain were favorites. We You Tubed songs we couldn’t remember 100%. Songs we kind of forgot the lyrics to. We danced like ballerinas. We laughed until we cried. Other people covered their ears. They shook their heads at our antics. They begged us to stop, but we knew they loved it. Deep down.

Whether Classic or Cutting Edge, everyone loves a good animated movie.

Movie lines or sing-alongs. Everyone needs a little magic.


I ask. You answer.

  1. Classic vs. Cutting edge?
  2. Favorite Disney movie?
  3. Favorite Pixar-ish movie?
  4. Favorite Disney Song?
  5. Favorite Disney Princess and Prince (they do not need to be a couple).

One thought on “Wednesday Wars: Classic Vs. Cutting edge

  1. I love both the classic and the cutting edge. They both have places in my heart 🙂 My fav classic is beauty and the beast and my favorite pixar is cars! Now I think I need to watch them!

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