French Fry Friday: Fishing

MN Meditations Original Photo

Fishing. In a boat. The sun on your back. A breeze off the lake.

Baiting a hook with your choice of bait. Casting a perfect cast over the boat and watching your line sink into the water, waiting for a fish to bite. Patience becomes your best friend. And you wait. Sometimes you talk to the other people in the boat. Usually you just fish together, silently. Just when you’re about to quit, to pull in the line and try for a differnt spot in the lake, it happens.

Your line is tugged. A fish is nibbling. You resist the urge to reel in. The fish clamps down. You’ve got it.

You reel. It fights back. You reel more. It fights harder.

Finally, you pull it in. You check out your catch. Sometimes you laugh at the small fry. Other times you need help pulling your catch into the boat.

That’s what fishing is all about. It’s about the silence. The fight. The waiting. The reward. No matter what size you catch, it’s a joy to catch it.

Fishing. With family. Friends.

It’s the one thing I do with others but feel alone and completely surrounded at the same time.

MN Meditations Original Photo

MN Meditations Original Photo


I ask. You answer.

  1. Favorite fishing spot?
  2. Favorite fish to catch? I love catching bass and sticking my hand into their mouth!



2 thoughts on “French Fry Friday: Fishing

  1. i just love to fish on lakes…especially when i am with people i can have fun with! i also like to catch bass for the same reason!!!

    • bass are my fave — “small mouth bass have got me hooked on Sunday afternoon….!” i would also like to point out that it was quite difficult to hold a camera and a fish at the same time. but at least i didn’t get hit in the face with a fish.

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