French Fry Friday: Study Hour

By now, everyone is back. Back to the daily grind. Back to books, bus stops, cafeteria food, 30+ page syllabi, and studying.

Studying the basics – math, reading, writing, science, social studies.

Studying the specifics – organic chemistry, abnormal psychology, microeconomics, Renaissance art, linear algebra.

Studying at the kitchen table, in a den, on a couch, at a friend’s house, in the Suburban, at a desk.

Stressed out with assignments and looming tests, kids of all ages are looking at the year before them wondering if it will ever end.

When your life is forced to revolve around homework, papers, tests, and projects, studying seems like the only thing to do. Mainly because it is the only thing you can do. Especially in college.

Those were the days – the nights – of endless reading, writing, studying. The marathon weeks of non-stop studying. Just for one test. That sleepy look plastered to your face 24/7. So exhausted that everything someone said was funny. Because everything at 2 am is funny when you have to wake up at 5 am. Period.

Sitting uncomfortably, hunched over in desk chairs that came with the “fully furnished” room. Desks built without ergonomics in mind. Bunk beds too close to the ceiling. Hard floors that no rug could soften. Futons and couches slipcovered and accented with pillows. Doors that opened and slammed welcoming friends and roommates at all hours of the day.

Studying. Wherever you study, enjoy it. Because one day, it really will be over. And you’ll wonder why you stressed in the first place. But you’ll be glad you spent the time in study hour. Because it pays off.

To all you students – have a French Fry Friday Study Hour kind of day!


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