Another one.

Been here. Done this.

But I need to do it again. Time for me to step out of the office. Away from the desk. Hands off the keyboard.

To be perfectly honest, I’ve forgotten to post. Sure, I’m a planner and have all the titles and ideas plotted out on paper; penciled in my planner. But when it comes time to post – I don’t. I wake up in the middle of the night and think, “Darn, it’s Wednesday today and I never wrote a Wednesday War.” I write reminders to myself to plan ahead and over-write for the next week, month, two months. My intentions are good. My time is limited.

And so. With so many things eating up my time, things important on many scales, I must step aside for a bit.

From this place where I write about whatever floats my boat. From this place where I let loose and go with the flow. From this place where I ponder questions I wouldn’t dare to ask aloud. From this place where creativity and imagination trumps sentence structure and punctuation. From this place where I sound like a basket case one day and a sane person the next.

And with every decision I finally decide on, I’m saddened to say “see ya soon.” I’m nervous to leave this blogging world for a brief moment in time. Because I know I’ll miss out on so much.

But if I don’t step away now, I’ll miss out on so much more than just banging away on my keyboard. And that’s something I can’t afford to miss out on.

Thanks for your understanding. Again. Thanks for  granting me this break. Again.

I’m probably most sad because it seems like everytime I need to take a break, it happens during my favorite season.


If only I could write out all the posts I wanted to post about fall leaves, bonfires, hayrides, crisp October mornings, pumpkins, apple orchards, jackets, hockey (by the time I come back, who knows what will have happened in the college world), family, kids, ETC.

Those will have to wait. Maybe next year?

Who knows. All I know is that the clock is ticking.

Another one has begun.


I ask. You answer.

  1. Favorite MN Meditations post? 
  2. Do you prefer Wednesday Wars or French Fry Fridays?
  3. What should I write about when I return?
  4. Is there a time of year when you wish you could take a break?




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