I was there; now I am here

MN Meditations Original Photo

For two weeks, I was gone. Not only from my blogging world, but from my world. The world I know.

I was half a world away. In Norway.

There are words swirling around my head that I would like to spill onto the pages of this blog. Words that I pondered and poetically shaped while flying over Manchester. Words that hardly bring to life the adventure of my journey. Words about jet lag, Kroners, train rides, and random run-ins with the hockey world (met a grandma, aunt, and mom of a hockey player in the Amsterdam airport – on the way home, also in the Amsterdam airport, I ran into a group of teen boys dressed from head to toe in USA gear – no doubt flying to the Four Nations Cup in Switzerland).

For two weeks, I traveled to beautiful cities around Norway. The people I met were warm and kind. And the food I ate was tasty and filling.

Everywhere I went, words sprang to mind. Words to describe my thoughts and feelings.

Funny things occurred – so humorous no one reading this would laugh.

Sad stories were shared – so sad they make me cry.

Inspiring people were met – so inspiring I will forever cheer them on.

Friendships were formed – so strong you’d think we’d been friends for years.

Adventures were ventured – so exhilerating they took my breath away.

And for two weeks, I was there. Fully there.

But I did think about here. Quite often.

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t completely block out thoughts of here. Thoughts of home.

As the two weeks drew to an end, my Norwegian adventure coming to a close, I knew that I’d be returning to a place I love.

But then someone asked me if I was excited to go home. And I hesitated. Because I knew that home meant cancer and chemo.

I thought about cancer and chemo the whole flight home.

In an effort to avoid reality, I listened to music, ate the airplane meals, waited in a long line for the bathroom, stared out the window into the sunlight – trying not to worry about the fact that my oil free moisturizer only prevents pimples and moisturizes dry skin – and does not provide SPF protection. I watched movies about life – the hardships and happy endings. I even laughed and smiled, cried and cheered during Monte Carlo (don’t judge!) and Life As We Know It (though I’m not a Josh Duhamel fan – I was a fan of the fact that he represented college and pro hockey with his Sioux hockey tee and St. Louis Blues tee/hat).

As we approached MSP, I couldn’t deny it any longer. I was coming home to my life. I was re-entering my world where the new reality is cancer and chemo.

And how quickly that life takes over. It is part of my reality; something my mom faces every singe day. The day is this week – the day when my mom will sit for hours while drugs fill her body. Drugs whose sole mission is to seek and destroy the cancer that is within her.

And we’ll be there for her. All of us. Family and friends.

For two weeks, I went on a journey around Norway. But the journey I have been on since October 6, has taken me to places in my world that I never knew existed.

Norwegian bread! Be prepared to eat a lot of it! MN Meditations Original Photo

Visit Sandnes! Stay here! You will love it! MN Meditations Original Photo

Oil Museum in Stavanger! MN Meditations Original Photo

Stavanger! MN Meditations Original Photo

Stavanger. MN Meditations Original Photo

MN Meditations Original Photo

MN Meditations Original Photo

MN Meditations Original Photo

Oslo! MN Meditations Original Photo

MN Meditations Original Photo


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