Words of support, prayers of hope, and Minnesota love.

This is the most inconvenient day, week, way (via my iPhone) and moment for me to be blogging.

But here I am. Blogging. Not because of some 2012 resolution.

I made no resolutions. I never do.

Right now I am here to draw attention to matters that matter.

Not weight loss, fitness, organization, and other well-intended resolutions.

Real life. In Minnesota.

While tucking myself into bed and setting my alarm, I checked good old Facebook for a message I was expecting. Naturally, I clicked through my newsfeed and found multiple posts. Nothing too news worthy.
Then i scrolled a bit more, looking for whatever it is we look for on facebook. About to close out, I paused when I saw a number and name noticeably popular. These feeds were coming from reliable Minnesota hockey players – all of whom mentioned a name I had not heard of (I cant tell you the last time i watched the news though, so I undoubtably missed it earlier). The statuses and profile pics of these individuals had been changed to reflect their support for a hockey player.

Jack Jablonski.

Curious as to why he was drawing attention, I followed a link and discovered a story. A Minnesota story about a sport we love. A Minnesota story that evokes tears, compassion, and prayers.

Of course, after any kind of injury, especially this severe, there are a slew of hockey haters and finger pointers. Whatever opinions you have, whatever side of the fence you’re on, Jack’s story is real.

To him. To his family. To his friends. To his teammates. To his classmates. To his coaches. To his teachers. To hockey players down the street and around the world.

And hopefully, to you. Whoever you are. Wherever you are.

Regardless of your infatuation or intolerance of the sport, Jack’s story is one of life and the frailty of it. His story is about love and how deep it runs in Minnesota – coursing through each and every one of us. And his story is about the the hockey world-the one right outside the back door with pickup games to the one right in the heart of downtown with sell out crowds.

Because when life hits us hard, we fight back. We rally the troops and prepare for battle.

Will you join Jack’s family, friends, coaches, and teammates? His teachers and neighbors? And a multitude of facebookers?

Praying for Jack at MN Meditations.

(forgive me if the You Tube video on Jack is not properly showing up. Due to the late hour and the fact that I’ve never posted via my iPhone, I may or may not be linking and sharing correctly).


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