MN stories so incredible they must be true.

Tragedies like Jack Jablonski’s often have treasures of hope hidden within the pains and sorrows. These kinds of things don’t just happen-they happen for a reason.

To show us what really matters. To remind us who to love. To prove to us that Grace exists for all.

This This incredible story, a very only-in-Minnesota story, just brought tears to my tired eyes.

Not to mention the paper today which reported that Jack’s mom visited Jenna Privette-another character in this January’s injury laden tale-in the hospital. Jenna, injured after Jack, had organized and supported funds for Jablonski at her school. She had encouraged teammates to join the “white out” craze. And she had even changed her Facebook profile to reflect her support of Jack. Because thats what Minnesotan’s do. Her part in Jack’s fundraiser tied her to Jack’s story. And now her own spinal cord injury will forever link the two Minnesota high school hockey players together.

And that fact is indescribable. I find it surprising that these stories still surprise me. I am always awe struck at the human story. The story that weaves people together due to illness and injury. The story that can be looked at as glass half empty or glass half full. The story of young and old reshaping their lives-people who look to assist others in all they do.

These stories from the hockey world in Minnesota – Jack’s and Jenna’s are setting the stage for more heart warming anecdotes of people helping people.

That’s why I love this State. That’s why I love the sport. That’s why I love these youth.


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