Baby, baby you put my heart in motion

Babies. They’ve been on my mind lately.

Seems as though all my friends, former classmates, old roommates, and relatives are having kids. Family wise, I have welcomed many, many baby cousins over the past sixteen years. Friend wise, I have congratulated childhood playmates and college classmates since 2004.

Can I tell you something? I can’t keep all the pregnancies and babies straight. I can’t keep all the baby names straight.

In fact, one of my now-expectant-mother friends from college had posted pics on her Facebook page of her toddler son. I clicked through the cuteness and made a comment on her son’s adorableness. I typed his name and sent the message. Two seconds after it posted, I realized that the name I wrote was incorrect. One of life’s awkward moments. I wasn’t completely off base (think: Brett and Brent) similar, but different. Still, I was mortified and tried to come up with an excuse (“I see so many kids every week, I can’t keep names straight to save my life”).

She sent a reply that made me laugh.
Don’t worry, I’ve done that before. When ‘Brett’ was born I wrote ‘Brent’ on our calendar.

I’m not the only one.

There are too many kids to keep tabs on.

But that’s a good thing. Because the kids I know, my family and friends’ offspring, they are pretty cool. And despite my inability to remember all their names, I’m glad I can buy baby gifts, read parenting blogs and articles, and be part of my family and friends’ lives by supporting their kids and parenting efforts.

These babies, they’ve put my heart in motion.

Looking forward to welcoming more babies into the world in 2012!


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