The Minnesota Way on a Minnesota Day


Jack Jablonski has done it. He’s brought our entire state closer. Brought out the sportsmanship. The generosity. The love and support. Of every true-blooded Minnesotan.

Hockey fans and non-hockey fans, we’re all on board. We’re all supporting him. His courageous efforts, his never-ending smile, and his heart for others.

All of this support has been pretty evident since his life-altering injury in December. But the amount of money raised on Saturday during Hockey Day Minnesota for the Jack Jablonski fund – that support, that love, that generosity – was on full display.

Numbers don’t lie and neither do I.

$134, 045.

That’s how much money was raised in a day. A hockey day. In Minnesota.

The money, every last penny, is going toward Jack Jablonski. Toward his recovery. Toward his efforts. Toward a safer ice for all players.

That’s the Minnesota Way. To go on with the show – to play another game (16 hours worth of games). To support one of our own. To come together for a cause. To reach into our pockets to help out a neighbor.

Fitting. To have a day dedicated to hockey. Dedicated to helping a prep player.

If you ask me, I think what this world needs is more days like Saturday. More Minnesota Days filled with hockey where helping hands are raised and ready to cheer on one of our own.







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