Weekend to celebrate

Thursday wrapped up nice and neat after my mom’s final round of chemo. Her oncologist was pleased with her progress. After the drugs finished dripping into her veins, my mom went and set herself up for an appointment with her surgeon.

Her cancer and chemo journey is on its second leg.

And we, her family, couldn’t be more proud of how she’s fought. Complaining is not her forte; she does not whine and wimp about the muscle pains, headaches, and bone pains. Even though they are there – they are her reality.

We celebrated with a fun dinner on Thursday night. On Sunday, my cousin hosted a family get-together. She made marvelous-smell-up the house-home-made chili. Chips were dipped in salsa and fresh, homemade guacamole (my uncle always brings a dish that blows us away!). Another cousin brought drool-worthy desserts. Super secret family recipe cupcakes that make an appearance at family gatherings all the time. I whipped up a batch of cut-out cookies using an aunt’s sugar cookie and frosting recipe. After eating ourselves silly, we spent time catching up on life. My mom shared her good news and everyone hugged and celebrated her journey. Then, after our bellies were full, some of us headed outside – down to the lake for some broomball.

It was a fun game with big plays and laughable falls. There were game-changing goals and lots of smiles.

Big smiles. For the broomball game. For our family. For my mom’s journey.

For the end of cancer and chemo.

That’s what we celebrated this weekend.

Along with the fact that the Gophers managed to sweep Blais’ Mavericks. Games that could have swung the other way.

Other college games around the league proved to be nail-biters and upsets, predictable and entertaining. I will say that I was glad NHL on NBC finally figured out that people like WCHA games and broadcasted the DU vs. UND game Friday night. That was quite the game. Thought for certain that DU was going to win it (did you see their come-back?). The Sioux find themselves in a tough spot though-their 100% cotton roster was dried in the dryer on high heat. We’ll see how they fare this weekend. For standings sake, I’m thankful the Sioux and Pioneers split it right down the middle.

There were plenty of other games on Friday and Saturday. Games that take us right into the end of the college hockey season…

All I know is that I’ll take a McNaughton with a side of Red Baron.

In the high school world, hats off to all the girls who played in the State Tourney. Especially to the Breck (Class A) and Minnetonka (Class AA) girls on their championship wins. You’re missing out, if you didn’t see the State Tournament. Be sure to tune in (on TV and online) for the Boys’ State Hockey Tournament (March 7-10).

Lots of people were celebrating this past weekend.

It was a good weekend to celebrate.


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