Ta-Ta’s are being saved today

Crude is not my style. So, I mean no disrespect when I use the popularized term, “Ta-Ta’s.” But I’ve learned lately not to dance around issues. To say things straight. And today, Ta-Ta’s are being saved.

Saved from the cancer that has taken up residence in their precious space.

Doctors, nurses, and other hospital personnel have paraded in and out of waiting rooms, rooms I have sat in since 9a, asking my mom various and sundry questions.

They’ve checked her wrist band, blood pressure, and breast.

Because she’s here today to go through a procedure that is a necessary evil in today’s world of cancer and chemo. And I’m here, too. Moving from waiting room to waiting room. Waiting. Waiting for the day when cancer and chemo won’t be part of my Urban Dictionary.

Ironically, a dear friend is waiting, too. Her mom’s cancer and chemo journey has been a bit different from my mom’s. Her procedures and treatments occurred in opposite order from my mom’s. Yet, she is here. Somewhere in this busy hospital. She is most-likely in post-op; my mom is preparing for pre-op. Their journey’s with breast cancer, like their time in the hospital today, is not the same charted course. No two courses are alike in this “Save the Ta-Ta’s” race we run.

This friend has been a source of comfort and encouragement. We’ve updated our mom’s (connected because of Cousin B’s mom) on the mile markers the other woman has reached. In the midst of hockey updates, we always remember our main fight is not over the Fighting Sioux and Gophers; rather, it is with cancer and chemo. Even on such a big week in the WCHA, we remove our rivalry masks and put on our cancer and chemo hats because this fight is much, much bigger than pairwise rankings and titles.

Whether my Sioux friend and I talk about it or not, we are part of a growing demographic of people – men, women, and children – who are working hard to save something most people are either uncomfortable or too comfortable discussing: Ta-Ta’s.

We’re saving Ta-Ta’s today. Will you join us in our save the Ta-Ta’s efforts?


I ask. You answer.

  1. Have you ever journeyed with a friend or foe on the cancer and chemo track?
  2. What causes have you fought for that some may find to be uncomfortable topics or body parts?
  3. What is the best way to get involved in saving the Ta-Ta’s?

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