Text talks

Someone told us, the general public, that the best conversations come via face-to-face and phone conversations.

Texting is considered impersonal and unreliable.

On the couch, I sit. An arm-length away sits my phone. An iMessage is open. I’m talking to a friend.

Receiving advice. Sharing my thoughts. This has been going on for a while now.

It’s not the first time I’ve texted my heart out and read carefully the words of my friends – older and younger than me.

We’re not making plans to meet or trying to find each other in a crowded venue. We’re just talking.

Really, truly, talking.

And I’d have to say. Whoever told us, the general public, that our best conversations are not conducted via text, must not have friends like mine.

My friends are witty. They get to the point. They tell me what I need to hear. And what I don’t want to hear. They veer of text topic and keep up with five different conversations.

They listen. I listen. They text. I text.

Sometimes we move our conversations to live phone calls. We make plans to talk later in the day or week. But usually our texts are sufficient.

Why? Because good communication, good friendships, can break through any form of technology – phones, texts, computers – in order to make the friendship work.

It’s no different than sending telegrams – short, abbreviated, cryptic messages – that required one wait in agony for the response. Except, back in those days they didn’t have the little conversation bubble with “…” to mark that the person on the other end was in the process of responding.

We have nothing to complain about in our text-crazed world.

My text session just ended. With promises to catch up in the very near future. And I told my friend “It’s like waiting to read the final book in a series that someone else checked out from the library!” That’s how excited I am to talk to this friend. All because of our text messages full of stories and unanswered questions on who, what, when, and where.

So, whoever you are, you person you who told us, the general public, that we cannot have meaningful text conversations – you’re wrong.

Just read my text.


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