The summer we met – repeated and remixed

Ya know that feeling you get when you leave town for the weekend? The too-excited-to-sleep-the-night-before kind. When all you can think about the week leading up to your weekend away is your weekend away. When your patience level with the world is at zero on travel day.

On Friday, I got in my car and drove. The Twin Cities were congested – road work and weekend traffic plus typical rush hour made for quite the crawl. I Siri-texted successfully and unsuccessfully as I sat on the highway impatient to get up to 75 mph!

I Garmin-ed the last part of the drive as my final destination was not one I was familiar with. The drive, once I was at a cruising altitude of 75 (ahem, 80), set me in the mood for up north time. Much needed. Going Up North to the woods and lakes is on my “to do or die” list every five or six months and sometimes it appears on my list every month.

I took in the views of trees and lonely roads. Paralleled train tracks, power lines, and telephone lines as they led me farther and farther north.

To friends.

Unaccustomed to the town I stayed in, I will admit that I got lost. Not horribly, but slightly. Embarrassing since the town is the size of a pea.

After some new directions from my friend like “turn left at the dive bar,” I arrived at her home. She welcomed me with hugs and toured me around her little place. Dinner was served and we chatted about the next day’s events. Checked the weather and discussed layers. The rest of our night? We spent it downloading music, mainly country, comparing playlists, and watching You Tube videos. How juvenile, you may say, but it fits us rather nicely. It’s what we did when we used to see each other every day for three months straight.

Saturday arrived with clouds and cold. We Under Armour-ed up and hit the road.

Our day was spent cleaning a place very near and dear to our hearts. We jumped right in and knew the lay of the land. We knew the ropes and flew through our indoor tasks in time to help with some outdoorsy tasks – the kinds that get dirt on your hands and make you stronger.

After that, we took a vehicle into the woods. Woods we lived in. Woods we love.

We spent the day together. And with a handful of wonderful people. Friends.

Then we said our goodbyes, with promises to return, and headed back to my friends’ house.

Showering and washing off the day’s dirt, we drove back toward a town, country music on the radio, and ate a meal at a place that never disappoints. The Kings/Blues game was on, but mainly I just talked to my friend. We laughed and told stories – real and pretend – and then when our hard day’s work caught up with us, we left.

Throwing on pj’s and brushing our teeth, we readied ourselves for a movie. Options were thrown out and narrowed down. Landing on a movie, we chose our couch and sat down.

Halfway through the movie my friend exclaimed, “I like how we’re both so into this movie! It’s a total guy movie!”
True, it was, but we both enjoyed the drama, suspense, and action. And we tend to bond in moments like those. History proves it.

Sleeps came easily that night. I dreamt of mouse droppings and cleaning supplies. Sweet dreams.

Sunday morning we drove back toward a town and ate a big, hearty breakfast. A delicious way to start our day.

We wandered through some favorite stores. And then it was time to part ways. Hugs and goodbyes and promises to make these visits more often.

I hung around a bit longer. Another dear friend was just getting back in town, a town we stomped around in a few years back. We met for cold coffee drinks and caught up on our personal and professional lives. Big changes were announced. Exciting and scary all in one. We discussed the future and our past.

Again, we said our goodbyes. She rushed off to an outdoorsy activity and I hit the road back to the Cities.

The weekend, though over, was good. Great. Fabulous.

It was good. To hear how my friends and I have changed. To see how we’re the same people we were back then. Back when we were together all day. Every day.

A summer changed us. Shaped us. Brought us together. And now, a new summer dawns and new adventures await. But with these two friends, we’ll always remember our summer. Together.


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