This time. Last year.

This time. Last year.

I had no idea what was coming.

I was busy. Very busy.

Life was moving faster than I could keep up. I was looking forward to October. Ready for a two week “business” type trip overseas. Trying to plan, pack, and shop for the adventure. Attempting to get my affairs in order before leaving. My calendar had zero margin for anything or anyone.

But cancer and chemo doesn’t care if your schedule is jam-packed.

It just comes.

Like it did last year. Around this time.

At the end of September, my mom went in for a mammogram. And that’s when things changed.

I wrote about it around this time last year.

I was excited for October.

And this year, I’m excited for October. Not because I have a big trip coming up. Not because I have a schedule full of events to keep me going. Not because there’s NHL hockey (don’t even get me started on that).

I’m excited for October because it means a year has gone by since last October.

This time. Last year. I was blindsided by October. I thought I was ready for the month.

This time. This year. I’m ready for October. Because I know now that no matter how much I plan, there are other plans that trump mine. Plans far superior to what I have planned. Plans that make me weaker and stronger at the same time. Plans that help me to prioritize.

October was hard last year. On my entire family. On my mom.

But October was just one month out of a year-long battle that my family triumphed over.

And I’m ready to embrace October – to tell it thank you for the hardships and healing it brought my family.

This time. Last year.


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