I’ve worn many hats for my youngish age
Too many to list without going on to a second page
The hats have been sized to fit, some large and some small
I feared their weight and worried they’d cause me to fall
Silly me, I was afraid I’d fail
When most of the time, the hats helped me sail

The hats I’ve worn would make you laugh
Believe me some were a major fashion gaff
I could not make this list up if I wanted
Sometimes I forget how much I was daunted
For now, I look back with smiles and pride
Because the hats I’ve worn have provided quite the ride

Some people wear a select set of hats year after year
Me, I tend to shift the gear
I try out hats for a time
Before I grow tired of the rhyme
The rhythm becomes a lull
I grow weary of the dull

So I change my hats every once and a while
I sometimes worry and wonder that I’ll forget how to smile
I try on hats to keep from losing me
That would be tragic if I forgot to be free

I sometimes miss my old hats
I sometimes forget I even wore the old bats
But when I dust off an old cap
I think to myself “what a sap”
I don’t wish to re-wear the dusty old lids
But I sometimes wish I could still do what I did

Those seasons have passed, the hats’ styles have faded
I don’t let myself get jaded
Instead, I break in the hat on my head
I don’t let myself get too far ahead

For each hat has a purpose and place
I just have to be willing to continue my pace
Someday I’ll have a varied collection
I hope I continue to spend time in reflection

So if you see me wearing a hat, stop by and tell me your thoughts on the style
I want to make sure I mark every mile


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