Dr. Marten’s

The 90’s are back. This is no news flash to the fashion forward, which I am not.

I’m just quite horrified that outfits I wore in late elementary school, middle school, and even early high school are making a big comeback.

Like denim shirts. With denim jeans. Patterned jeans. Big chunky sweaters. Boy style. Denim overalls. Flannel. Dr. Martens.

The last item has me conflicted. I adored Dr. Martens, coveted them on every pair of feet I saw at hockey games when I was a kid, and finally earned enough babysitting money to buy my own…times about 6 pairs.

Ridiculous doesn’t even begin to describe my obsession with the clunky army-style boots with the iconic yellow threading.

Oh how I loved my Dr. Martens. I wore them all the time. All. The. Time. I had to go to the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale every June to get the latest Docs. Waiting for Fall to come was tough; all I wanted was for everyone to see my newest Docs. Those were the days.

Those days are back. Docs are back. The super crazy ones with patterns and bright neon colors. And the regular type ones.

A quick search on Pinterest shows some flower patterned boots for women I would never be caught dead in, but the men’s ones remind me that all the cute guys wore Docs with Structure jeans and Nautica sweatshirts. Girls wore their docs with American Eagle jeans and Abercrombie sweatshirts.

In all honesty, I actually liked some of the things I wore in high school. They were cool back then. That’s definitely something an almost-thirty-year-old says.

There’s a part of me that wants  to wear my Docs again. The one pair I saved for the day when they would be cool again. I’ve established that those days are back. Yet, I’m not so sure if I should do it. Will I look like I’m trying too hard? To be “in” again? To look young? Will I look like I’m wearing a Halloween costume? Isn’t it a sign of old age when you say to teenagers, “Oh, I had a pair of those in high school. I still have mine!” and they roll their eyes and try to say, “Cool” without sounding mortified at the thought of you being cool.

Besides, will it look like my Oxford’s are from early the early 2000’s? Should I have kept the dark brown Mary Jane’s instead?

You can see how agonizing this is for me.

I better leave my past in the past. Keep my Dr. Marten Oxford’s for a 90’s/2000’s themed party with my had-to-buy Gap overalls.

Dragging out my past will not help me move forward toward the Megan I want to be. The Megan that needs to stop wishing for the past and the way things used to be in order to embrace what He’s got in store for me down the road.

Thanks for the memories, Dr. Marten.

* True confession: I pinned 1 pair of new Dr. Marten’s onto my style board. I will most likely not purchase them, but they are patent leather flats. Pretty darn cute. Hop on over to my Pinterest and you can judge for yourself.


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