Women I know. Women you should.

For as many times as I want to throw in the towel on this adult life, I stumble across reminders that being an adult is pretty great. Hard, but great.

Those reminders come in the form of people. Women. Girls I sat next to in Freshman Orientation, intro-to-this-and-that, and complained about papers, professors, and poor dining hall food.

My college classmates.

These are women I know. And after this post, I’m pretty sure you’ll want to know them, too.

1. Teachers (too many to name individually): I know a lot of teachers. Some may be teaching your son or daughter this year. My former classmates teach all over the Twin Cities and throughout the state. Some even teach in other states. Believe me, your kid would be lucky to have any of my friends as their teacher. When I’ve told kids that I know their teacher, Mrs. or Miss so-and-so, it’s as if I’m friends with a celebrity. That’s pretty accurate. I wish each one of my teacher friends had a blog or website, but they don’t. You’ll just have to take my word for it, they are incredible women. I hope you get to meet them someday.

2. Ashley: I met Ashley my Freshman year. We were in the same English class. A class which gave us both nightmares. Ashley is warm and sincere, a combination that is highly valued and genuinely appreciated by those who know her. And Ashley is gifted. In her field, yes, but as a make-up artist, too. Now, those who know me may be thinking, “Is Megan really an authority in the makeup department?” No. I admit, I am not. But I know a good thing when I see it. Unveil Loveliness is definitely a good thing. P.S. I actually ran into Ashley a few months ago at church and all my memories of her warmth and sincerity were brought to life when she greeted me with a hug, hello, and huge smile!

3. Kristin: Kristin was good friends with my Freshman roommate, thus our time together was when Kristin hung out in my dorm with my roommate. Or possibly a random lunch in the dining hall. Maybe a class here or there. I think we ate out together once…with my freshman roommate. Clearly, we were not close. So, I don’t blame her if she doesn’t remember me. I actually can’t recall Kristin’s major or her “real job.” But once upon a time, I clicked “Like” on a Facebook page she invited me to check out. And I’m glad I did. Kristin joined forces with some other women, I’m pretty sure I don’t know them, and created a website devoted to Minneapolis. All things Minneapolis. Food. Clothes. Stores. Etc. You’ll want to see what her and her team are Blogging, Tweeting, Instagramming, Facebooking, and all-around buzzing about because you’ll most likely want to eat there, shop there, and go there. Check out their site: Minneapolites.

4. Joanna: Keeping with the theme, Joanna was also a friend of my Freshman roommate. Did I meet anyone Freshman year? Oh yeah, I did. Anyway, Joanna and I crossed paths whenever she was with Kristin and my Freshman roommate. Maybe it was Joanna I went out to eat with once? Or not. She majored in art. I think. And once again, I liked a Facebook page she promoted. I love home goods. The store and just in general. Joanna creates and sells unique pottery pieces. Like Anthropologie adorable. Joanna’s site is Fringe and Fettle Ceramics.

5. Lisa: Uh, so, Lisa was also friends with my Freshman roommate. And in fact, Lisa was friends with Kristin and Joanna. As with Kristin and Joanna, she most likely doesn’t remember me. Totally fine by me. As with Kristin and Joanna, she invited me to “Like” her Facebook page. Totally fine by me. I only like what I like. No one forces me to click “Like.” I like it because it’s good. And Lisa’s good. Although I read her bio on her website, I did remember that she majored in art, which means we most likely had 0-1 classes together. I had kinda forgotten about Lisa’s Facebook page but was perusing my Instagram (is it conceited that I was looking at my own pictures?) and saw that Lisa had “Liked” one of my photos. Naturally, out of curiosity, I checked out her Instagram. That’s when I remembered: she’s designing clothes. I can barely thread a needle. I can’t cut a straight line. And I would have no idea how to make anything other than a fabric scrap. Lisa is making clothes. Good clothes. Clothes with style. Something you can’t find everywhere. Her website just launched (Tuesday). She’s selling her clothes. Not the clothes off her back, although she does wear her own designs. If you like clothes, creative clothes, and just clothing yourself, you must shop Hackwith Design House.

6. Katie: I think I met Katie my Sophomore year. We majored in the same thing. Or similar. Until I changed my major first day of senior year. She is a bit older than me, we didn’t graduate the same Spring. I remember paying close attention to anything Katie said in classes because it was usually really brilliant. She agreed to let me interview her for an Independent Study course I completed my Senior year (that was a complicated year). I took copious notes on her career, advice, and stories. I have multiple friends in common with Katie. Friends who I forget we have in common. Katie has a “real job,” but she’s also one heck of a photographer. And no, not everyone with an amazing camera is an amazing photographer. Exception: Katie. You don’t think you need your picture taken until you see her site: Katie K Photography.

7. Lindsay: Linds and I met my Sophomore year. In a class, I’m sure. One of many courses we battled together. Lindsay was bubbly, funny, smart, and kind. We spent many hours together in classes, studying, and even hanging out. Gasp. I once had a social life, it is true. In fact, the last time I ventured to the Great Minnesota Get Together was with Linds (and one of my many Teacher friends) to see Lifehouse and Colbie Caillat open for The Goo Goo Dolls. Good times. Good times. Well, Miss Lindsay knew her way around our major. We had many laughs over professors and projects. One night I went to Lindsay’s to study and possibly watch Memoirs of a Geisha with another Teacher friend. If memory serves me correctly, Lindsay whipped up dinner. Just found some rando stuff in her fridge and made it into an edible meal. This was all before I had cracked a cookbook or attempted to bake (um, brownie points for me, I now bake on the regular and get rave reviews from a tough crowd. Seriously, they’re my toughest critics). That night should have been my clue that Lindsay was going to make food again. And again. Her recipes are on Pinterest. Her blog is blogged about (like I’m doing now). She’s been featured in magazines. I mean, she’s a big deal. I’m sure you’ve checked her out before, but if not, RUN to her site right now! Pinch of Yum!

I’m positive I have a number 8 and could go up to 80. I went to school with girls who are now lawyers (in Minnesota and NYC — my Freshman roommate who is friends with Joanna, Kristin, and Lisa is the NYC lawyer!). Girls who work in the biz world. Girls who stay home with their kids and raise them. Girls who design websites and use graphic design to make our electronic and print world aesthetically pleasing (I’m working with a designer friend right now). Girls who write and edit. Girls who sell everyday and extraordinary items. Girls who fix your hair. Girls who counsel youth and adults. Girls who run programs your kids attend at church. Girls who sing and play instruments for concerts, weddings, and other events with music. Girls who bake and decorate cakes. Girls who cater and manage events. Girls who raise funds for noble causes.

Girls. Girls. Girls.

Women I know. Women you should.

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