The three P’s of my weekends

The alphabet theme continues. I cannot guarantee that I will refrain from categorizing my entire life in this format.

Good thing I wrote about my Three R’s last week because my letter R is currently broken. Like the entire key came off of my keyboard. It is down to the bare bones. Makes typing a wee bit awkward. This is not a time to talk about Mac vs. PC. I just need to get my letter fixed. Stat.

Back to the point.

The P thing came naturally because it’s what I do on the weekends.

As an overachiever, I never allowed myself the luxury of lazy Saturdays. Always working, studying, and achieving my to-do lists. That was back in the day. When I was a young 27. I’ve tried to distance myself from the weekend warrior I’d become.

I embrace laziness much more these days. Maybe I’m one step behind because of it, but I don’t really care. I need my P-filled weekends. Don’t think that I’m not laughing at the potty references I’m making.

I sometimes recap my weekends on here – the big things – the places I go, the people I see.

This is not such a post. It’s simply me in my element. Doing what I like to do.

PJ’s, Pinterest, and Popcorn.

PJ’s: Sometimes my Friday nights are lazy. Other times, they are fast-paced – the exclamation point to my long, busy week. So, I relish in lazy Saturdays. I sleep in. I do laundry. I clean. I watch TV. All while wearing my PJ’s. After I shower, I put clean PJ’s on and continue forth with my day. I love every second of the comforting sweats, tees, and hoodies. Not having to put on real people clothes one day out of the week makes all the days I have to wear complete outfits so much more bearable. Although I do envy high school and college kids when I run into them during the week and they’re wearing yoga pants and over sized sweatshirts. I remind myself in those moments of envy that Saturday is coming. It’s what gets me through the week.

Pinterest: When I first joined Pinterest, I was on it all. the. time. Then the newness wore off. And then I put the app on my phone. But I was too addicted and removed it. Now, I save most of my Pinning for Saturdays. Occasionally throughout the week I’ll pin something that I can’t resist, but most of my perusing and pinning occurs on Saturdays. I pin dream houses, inspirational quotes, places to visit, hair styles, and whatever else strikes my fancy. It is the one day I allow myself to go wild. To clog up people’s home pages with my pins. In a strange way, it has become somewhat of a virtual productivity project for me. I somehow feel that pinning equals accomplishing something. It is where I can store images I wish I had created myself. A place that takes up no physical space. A safe haven where I can express my interests, tastes, and opinions. I don’t have a bazillion boards. Sometimes my OCD kicks in and I think I should create separate boards for kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, mudrooms, foyers, porches, basements, future kids rooms, garages, craft rooms, offices, dens, laundry rooms, rec rooms, storage rooms, reading nooks, hallways, etc. But then I remember that I only have Saturdays to pin. It’s what gets me through the week.

Popcorn: If it weren’t for popcorn, I’d never eat corn. That might be an exaggeration. It might. When it comes to meals on Saturday, I eat like a bird. Unlike the rest of the week, I don’t feel the need for meal time consistency. Routines go out the window. Popcorn is a staple in my Saturday diet. Not talking about Pop Secret. I’m talking about Stir Crazy, fresh popped, melted butter, salted popcorny goodness. I eat more than one serving; indulging in every salty bite. Plopped down in front of the TV, PJ’s on, hair wet, and Pinterest boards updated, I let myself mindlessly pig out until the Old Maids stare at me from the bottom of the bowl. The bowl is all mine and I don’t need anything else. It’s the one day I forget about balancing food groups and eating my veggies. When I’m eating leftovers and PB & J’s for lunch, I know Saturday’s popcorn feast is coming. It’s what gets me through the week.

Sound boring? Maybe to you. Not to me. To me, I need these Saturdays to enjoy my P’s so that I can get back to the daily grind on Monday.


I ask. You answer.

  1. What gets you through the week?
  2. Are your weekend routines boring or bustling?
  3. Who do you follow on Pinterest?

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