13 in 13

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2013 is coming to a close. So, I thought I’d provide a list of 13 things I have discovered in 2013.

1. Aging. As apparent by the prescription acne cream and dermatologist visits. Oh, let’s not forget the custom made retainer to reduce my jaw pain from grinding my teeth at night. And there’s my various doctor’s visits. My physicals are filled with questions on how to mitigate aches and pains. Etcetera. Lots of “Is it normal…” questions.

2. The miracle of AAA, or the nightmare of needing AAA. Either way, I think they should provide a roll-over plan for all the years I haven’t needed them. One call left. Can I make it to 2014?

3. Networking and all of its ups and downs. Does anyone have this figured out? “Hi, I’m Megan. Nice to meet you.”

4. Awkward autocorrects. Mainly when I use the little microphone feature on my phone. I enunciate. My phone doesn’t listen. Prime example of a fail occurred a few weeks ago. I hate commuting. Driving. I can’t get anything done. So one day, I decided to email my graphic designer by dictating it to my phone. Instead of asking for a quote on a fifty count supply of something, it corrected to “fifty year supply.” Needless to say, she responded with lots of questions. Sarcastically, of course.

5. Buzzfeed. The amount of posts regarding life in your late 20’s has revealed to me how old I am. The relevancy and raw truth in the lists, videos, and GIFs proves that I am old.

6. Pacific Northwest. Oregon and Washington. The desert, ocean, and mountains. Seattle. Cannon Beach. Astoria – Hello, Goonies. Mt Rainier.

7. Baking. Like I really enjoy it. Recipe searching. Mixing. Frosting. Packaging. Serving. Ultimately, fattening up my co-workers and friends.

8. Friends. Making them. Keeping them. Seeing them. Talking about real life issues like insurance policies, bills, aches and pains, and job woes. Along with some fun things like what we’d do if the Hunger Games were real.

9. Caffeine. Seriously. I shied away for so long because it scared me how hyper I got from pop and various specialty drinks. Plus, I hate the taste of coffee. Thankfully, I’ve pushed through and after some trial and many errors, my preferred caffeine intake is Starbucks Refreshers. Yum.

10. Myself. Through conversations, books, consultations, and every day situations, 2013 included many light-bulb moments.

11. Grey hairs. Plural. Multiple. More than one this year has shown up on my head. Scary. I’m going to look like Cruella Deville.

12. The Twin Cities. Places to eat and play. Though I’ve been driving since I was 16, it wasn’t until this year that I finally felt 100% confident in how all of the interstates and highways connect around here. That ability has opened up the door for me to explore new stores, museums, and various events.
13. I’m an adult. I deal with things I never imagined. I have to make my own appointments and advocate for myself. I have to wake up early and dress in clothes. Not yoga pants and lululemon jackets. True working adult clothes. I have come to love Fridays because it means I can dress casually. I take that very seriously.

There ya have it. The 13 things I discovered about myself and the world around me in 2013. I’m shooting for 14 things in 2014.

Thanks for the memories, 2013. 2014, you’ve got some big shoes to fill.


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