Mini blogging

Unapologetically, I am here to declare that I have unofficially moved my blogging to Instagram.

I am not closing down this site, nor do I plan on hanging up my blogger hat.

Simply stated, I am simplifying. I hadn’t realized until I realized it that I was pressuring myself to blog. Feeling guilty when I didn’t blog. Feeling guilty when I did blog. It takes time to be creative and think up wit and wisdom to share. While I wholeheartedly embrace words and wiring my thoughts together for you, I am giving myself permission to step away for an unspecified period of time and show you my world through my camera iPhone lens. Though I am well aware of a picture’s worth, 1,000 words, I will provide you with lengthy captions to frame my photographic prose.

There’s really no end goal in this rabbit trail adventure I’m leading you on. At one point, that would have bothered me. Not having a goal is a major crisis for an over Achiever like myself. Perhaps I’m turning over a new leaf. Subconsciously fulfilling a resolution I never resolved. Slipping in my commitments and failing in my career goals.

In my heart of hearts, I know that’s not it. I’m Curious George-ing it for a while. Testing what it’s like to combine Instagram with my thoughts (typically only displayed on my blog). I’ve said it before, when the change is for the betterment of a person, team, or organization, I’m all in. Change for the sake of change is not enough of a reason for me to change. But in this sense, it’s a change I can support because it’s making me a better blogger. Mini or otherwise.

If I’m super ambitious, maybe I’ll write up bi-weekly summaries of my Instagrams…in the meantime, follow me on Instagram: mnmeditations
Psst – there’s my IG account info ————————————————————————————————>


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