Posting on a whim

Been pretty quiet on here lately. For the most part, whatever words I’ve thought have been married with whatever images I’ve seen, quickly captured on Instagram for followers to see. Although, I’m coming off a stroke of writing genius, a pre-K lesson on a classic story you’ve likely heard, so I decided to take advantage of the activity in my writing brain and blog it up.

There’s a point in every day where I wish I could spin tales and share anecdotes from life in the Polar Vortex, but I simply do not have the energy I once had. Upping the Vitamin D intake may help. Or maybe my energies have been shot on other areas of my life. Areas I attempt so hard to balance yet continually bobble.

Except, as I inch closer to the end of my twenties, I think I’m getting the hang of things. I don’t feel like I’m balancing a beach ball on my nose.

Instead, I feel content. Like I finally fit in my own skin.

Reflecting on it, I see how my willingness over the past few years to focus on friendships is paying off. I’m busy visiting friends – relatively new friends and old as dirt friends. I re-connect with childhood friends, but don’t drown myself in guilt when I can’t keep up with daily emails, texts, and weekly visits. I make myself available. I invest. And slowly but surely, I’m seeing friends on a regular basis. Monthly. That’s a good start for me. And it’s down right good for me.

My energy is drained by the daily 9-5 (those aren’t my real working hours). Earlier than the sun rises, I rise. If I get to the 10 o’clock news, I’ve gone too far. When the evening commute ends, I find myself visiting friends, seeing family, and sometimes just vegging out. On TV. On On Pinterest. On books. On Instagram. On volunteering. On the treadmill (AHEM). On hockey skates.

Lame or not, they are the things that keep me sane. They re-fill my energy tank.

That’s what I’m learning. There are things that drain me in a good way. There are things that drain me in a bad way. All I have to do is continually fill up so that I can be me.

So, I won’t apologize for posting on a whim, for not scheduling regular blog sessions. I’m too busy filling my tank so I can burn it up.


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