Write it down Wednesday

Winter was long here in Minnesota. It may or may not be spring. The 40 degree week ahead makes me regret switching out my sweaters for shorts. Regardless, I need a new routine, and I thought I’d try it on here. A place where I’ve written Wednesday Wars and French Fry Fridays (archived somewhere on this blog…).

Every week, I get to Wednesday and start making my list of things to do, people to call, and places to go. Most of the time, it’s boring.

  1. Pay Visa bill
  2. Set up Dr visit
  3. Clean desk
  4. File, file, file
  5. Target – toothpaste and deodorant (etc…after all, it is TARGET!)
  6. Laundry
  7. blah blah blah

Every week, I get to Friday and check off items from my list. What doesn’t get done, moves to the next week’s list.

As a list-lover, I have to guard against living my lists to an extreme – following them at the expense of flexibility, freedom, and friendships.

So, when Wednesday rolls around, I’ll be writing work and personal lists, but I’ll also be writing on here. Lists of the most practical and bizarre things on my mind. There are Composition notebooks filled with my lists — lists of favorite songs, favorite movies, where to travel, favorite brands, places to live, people to meet, etc. Some of the lists are absolutely absurd. Lists that will never be published on here.

But the lists I feel you’d enjoy (laughing at, er, with me), I will share on here for you. Hopefully they’ll inspire your “to do” lists.

We can all use a little encouragement when it comes to the daily grind. This is my contribution.

*Come back next Wednesday for my first list…!


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