Write it down Wednesday: My Team

Frequently, I find myself discussing with friends what we’d do if the Hunger Games were real. Who we’d choose to align ourselves with, and what skills we’d use to survive. We also discuss which faction best suits us.

We are not those people though.

While Katniss Everdeen and Beatrice Prior are the heroines of modern day literature, and girls I’d definitely want on my side, I have some more fictional characters I’d add to my list.

My Team (in the event that The Hunger Games happens or Jeanine threatens to push us into factions and we discover life as we know it is one big conspiracy)

1. Jack Bauer

jack bauer

Who wouldn’t want him on their team? He does it all. And I mean all. In one day, he accomplishes more than anyone else I know. He thinks like the enemy and his instincts are pretty much always right. He can beat up anyone, get out of any trap, and he seems to know everything (technology, weapons, languages, fighting, etc.). He tops my list.

2. Raymond “Red” Reddington


NBC’s The Blacklist is a new weekly favorite of mine. The mind games. The drama. I’m always guessing, left wondering what will happen next. And it’s all thanks to this guy. He’s convincingly charming and tells hilarious stories that off-set the enemies. He can somehow get whatever he wants and knows all the players in the game. Before you know it, he has it figured out.

3. Jason Bourne

jason bourne

Yeah. Sniper. Fighter. Spy. Black ops. He knows his way around the world. He always has a plan. He solves his own mystery and saves others in the process.

4. Olivia Benson

olivia benson

Talk about fighting for human rights. This woman goes into the most horrible situations to save kids and innocents all over New York City. She outsmarts the creeps and helps make the streets safer for kids to be kids.

5. Charlie Matheson

Charlie matheson

Basically, a tougher version of Katniss..she is beyond loyal to her family and cause. Her skills with the bow and arrow, sword, and guns makes her incredibly versatile in any situation. She doesn’t think with her heart. It guides her, but she is fairly level-headed.

6. Sydney Bristow


So, I haven’t actually watched Alias. I’ve seen random clips from episodes, and maybe a full episode at some point, but don’t technically know all about Sydney. What I do know is that I’d want her on my side.

There ya have it. My team. Who would you pick?



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