Write it down Wednesday: Where I shop

Where did you get your shirt? I love the color! I need to get a pair of pants like that. Those shoes are great!

OK, so maybe I don’t hear that every time I step out of the house. I mean, there are times when I run to Target looking like a bum. It happens.

On the rare days when someone, for some reason, notices my attire (and not because I have a hole in the arm pit of my hoodie), I am more than happy to share my shopping secrets.

While I realize you don’t see me on a daily or weekly basis, unless you’re a total creeper, I will assure you I have a champagne taste on a beer budget.

  1. Target: I don’t buy much from Target. Let me re-phrase that, I don’t buy much of my wardrobe from Target. But I am a sucker for their Mossimo and Merona tanks. They go on sale all. the. time. Which is a very good thing because I tend to need a million billion of them in every color. The Mossimo tanks have the perfect stretch and fit snug but not tight. They’re great layering pieces and come in a wide variety of colors. I like Merona’s spaghetti strap tanks. They don’t have that annoying built-in bra. Basically, I’m a goner if I sweep through the clearance section and see those puppies on sale. But when they’re under $10, how can I not add them to my already full cart?!
  2. J.Crew: Before you think that I spend $150 on my t-shirts, think again. Though I sometimes splurge at J.Crew, my ultimate mission is always: score a deal. And my favorites are their Perfect Fit Tank and their Chino shorts (although they did tweak the fit since the last time I bought 16 pairs, so I’m not as big of a fan). The tanks are always on sale. But don’t get them until they are on clearance. Random colors are in the clearance section — blues in every hue, green, purple, red, orange, etc. Believe me, my closet is full of J.Crew Perfect Fit Tanks. They tend to stretch out after much wear and wash, so buy them in a size smaller than you normally wear. As for the Chino shorts, I think I bought 7 pairs in one summer. It was a bit ridiculous. While I don’t think they fit me the same as they did (four summers ago?), they are still amazing quality and are always on sale throughout the summer. The end of the season clearance on the shorts is the best. Don’t be afraid to buy them in fun colors. It’s summer! Let loose! In the winter/fall/spring, I love their Painter Tees — the boat neck ones! They best shape and colors. And it definitely rakes in the compliments.
  3. Nordstrom Rack: What haven’t I purchased here? Home goods, accessories, underwear, shoes, socks, clothes, gifts. I loathe skimming through racks of unsorted clothes, so when I go to Nordstrom Rack, I have a definite plan of attack in mind. I have found amazing deals on jeans and shoes. It’s worth some of the stimulation overload for the sales.
  4.  Citizens of Humanity: That’s the brand. Where I buy them completely depends on the sales I find. Online is hard for me based on my size requirements, but I have had amazing luck at Nordstrom Rack and Anthropologie. Sometimes I pay full-price/close-to-full-price. They are worth every cent. But when I need them at a discount, Nordstrom Rack usually comes to the rescue (although, Anthro has some great sales, too). The jeans are top quality. Close second: Lucky and Third: Joe’s jeans.
  5. Banana Republic/Banana Republic Factory Store: Well, this is a dangerous place for me, especially clearance. And those wonderful 40% off regular price items (on Wednesdays). I love their tees. Sweaters. Dress tanks. Button downs. ETC. The Factory Store is the only place I buy my dress pants/suits. The fit is perfect in the Petite Section (for some reason the regular store’s fit is not the same). The Factory Store’s prices are unbeatable. Unbeatable. I definitely spend a lot of time and money here. One of my co-workers once asked if I only shopped at BR and J.Crew…
  6. The Limited: Back in the day, I had to have a pair of jeans from The Limited. They were perfect. And then I quit shopping there. I returned last year. And was pleasantly surprised at the quality and prices. I love the Limited’s dressy tanks and sweaters. The pants are not my cup of tea, but some of my favorite shirts hail from their racks.
  7. DSW: Shoes. I do not consider myself a shoe freak. Seriously. I own two pairs of heels. The rest are all flats, flip flops, running shoes, and bumming around shoes. DSW has every brand and style I need and love. My last pair of running shoes are Mizuno’s — got them at DSW for an amazing price. My current pair are Brooks. Again, great price. The selection is unlimited. AND if you’re a rewards member, you get amazing rewards. Seriously. Sign up for it. I frequently receive $5-$10 off coupons that CAN be combined with other offers. I hate spending money on socks. Weird, I know. But it just feels stupid to buy socks. Yet, I love fun socks. Catch-22. Anyway, DSW’s $10 off certificates are the only way I buy socks. At $14.95 for a 6 pack of Sperry socks with my $10 off certificate, it’s like stealing candy from a baby.
  8. Polo Factory Store: I love multiple RLP labels — Polo Sport is one of my faves. The Oxford shirts and v-neck tees are the best. The Factory Store is sometimes a better deal than buying from Big Box Department Stores. Other times, those Big Boxers have better deals. Regardless, I’m a big believer in brand. The colors, fits, and sizes are just right. I have seen RLP at TJ Maxx, Nordstrom Rack, and Marshall’s, but when I need my basics, I hit up the Factory Store.

There ya have it. My list of places to shop. Places I love. Places I hop you discover for yourself.


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