Write it down Wednesday: Fears

I blame my scaredy cat ways on Rescue 911. Some of those episodes haunt me to this day.

Thankfully, I am a natural hypochondriac, so anything is scary to me.

These are fears I’m willing to admit aloud on the internet.

1. Revolving doors

Like, I avoid them at all costs. I had an unfortunate event with a revolving door as a child. I have no Elf-like memories of fun. I scream because I’m legitimately scared.

2. Bridges

Walking on them. Driving on them. Long ones. Short ones. Any of them. A Bridge Too Far. The Bridge to Terabithia. A bridge over troubled water.

I tense up whenever I drive over a bridge. It’s quite terrifying. I’m surprised I have survived this long in Minnesota. I cross a lot of bridges to get where I need to go.

3. Umbrellas

Opening umbrellas is one of my biggest fears. Getting my fingers pinched. Poking my eyeballs out.

4. Big Dogs

5. Getting stuck in an elevator

Because I’m sure this would happen

6. Running over roadkill

As in, my foot stepping on some dead rodent when I’m running outside. I’m gagging just thinking about it.

7. Someone turning off the lights when I’m no where near the lightswitch

That is very specific. But the freakiest thing ever. The paralyzing fear.

I could go on. This list could get ridiculous. If it isn’t already. But I’ll stop for my own sake.

These things may sound silly, but fear has a way of taking the silly and making it scary.


2 thoughts on “Write it down Wednesday: Fears

  1. I enjoyed this post, not because I take joy in your fears, I appreciate the honesty. I’ll share a fear of mine…choking to death. I have so many food allergies that I get anxious about a possible anaphylactic episode!

    • I can only imagine. That sounds terrifying. That is a very real fear.

      It’s funny because some of these fears have “come true” for me, while others I can hardly believe are very likely. But the slim chance…that’s what scares me.

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