Write it down Wednesday:You know you’re old – TV version

Sometime between college and now, I have noticed a significant change my in attitude toward television. Maybe it’s more of my taste in shows. But it does make me realize how old I am…

I know I’m old because:

1. I watch Everybody Loves Raymond.And laugh. ELRLegitimately laugh.





2. I watch Frasier because I find it humorous.


3. Seinfeld has become funny. I sometimes relate to it.


4. I click through the guide and find Nick at Night (do they still call it that?) and wonder ‘why are my favorite shows on here?’

5. I have to wake up super early or stay up really late in order to see my favorite shows.

6. I watch the news and find it entertaining.

7. I watch food and house related shows and find myself taking notes.

foodparadise       hgtv

8. I see ‘kids’ shows and think ‘this is junk!’

9. I write about TV shows…



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