Merchandise Monday: S’well

Post number 2 on merch I love. I don’t know if I’m more excited about the merch I’m peddling today or the fact that I’m on post number 2.


After an evening of outlet mall exploring back in August, my long-time friend handed me my belated birthday gift in the parking garage. The card exclaimed her excitement over our 14 years of friendship, but since that’s not merchandise you can purchase for your friends, I’ll move on.

The gift was a S’well bottle.


S’well Bottle (

Immediately my friend began explaining the bottle to me. It’s stainless steel. Adorable. It comes in different sizes, colors, and styles. It doesn’t leak (unless it’s an operator error and you forget to close the lid all the way…ahem). Holds hot and cold liquid. Keeps said liquids hot for 12 hours or cold for 24 hours.

As a fairly skeptical individual, I doubted that it would actually keep my water icy cold all day long, but it does! While I’ve always loved my other BPA free water bottles, my one complaint was that I had to shove an entire bag of ice cubes in them to keep the water cold, or else endure drinking lukewarm water. And the bottles would sweat like a horse (yes, horses sweat. I just googled it and read an article on equine groomers). Whatever temperature liquid I place in my bottle, it stays that way without ice cubes or refrigeration for hours. Lots of hours. And it looks good doing it.

So, if you care about the hydration of your stylish friends and family, this is definitely the gift to give. Bonus: S’well gives back to Water Aid, American Forests, and Drink Up.

I’m already making a list for myself my friends and family for this Christmas.

psssst, mom? are you reading this? I like the Teakwood (Wood Collection).


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