Merchandise Monday: Fringe & Fettle

Well, this is super annoying. I wrote this post last night…and then saved it and told WordPress to publish it this morning. Except, that didn’t happen. Ugh.

And last week, well, I sat down to write the post on Sunday night but then it turned into a Laura Numeroff “If you give a [animal] a [food]” story when I decided to check my iPhone’s trade-in value…and then there was facebook….and instagram…and the weather…needless to say, I didn’t post anything.

This week, I’m excited to share a wonderful Christmas gift-giving idea by a local artist. Fringe & Fettle is a must shop spot for anyone looking to give a beautiful handmade gift. Joanna is a former college classmate of mine, a woman I wrote about last year in a post about other brilliant women I know. She was featured in Country Living last year. Kind of a big deal.

The pottery from Fringe & Fettle is simple, serene, and stunning. See for yourself (all photos stolen from Fringe & Fettle’s Etsy shop).

fringe and fettle

fringe and fettle tray

Who doesn’t want to juice some lemons after seeing the most adorablest juicers?!

The last time I gave handmade pottery, made by my two hands, was in first grade. It was special. Thankfully, I found Fringe & Fettle and can now give people gifts of beautiful pottery created by a true artisan.

My hope is that Joanna does another line of Christmas ornaments like last year…! It made for a perfect gift.

Happy shopping!





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