Merchandise Monday: Operation Christmas Child

It’s still Monday. After traveling through white and drifting snow, I am finally home. Waiting for dinner to ding that it’s done in the oven, I decided to a. write this post and b. pack my Operation Christmas Child box.

That’s this week’s featured merchandise. Well, the merchandise inside the boxes is from various and sundry locations (aka: Target), but the act of sending the box through Operation Christmas Child (Samaritan’s Purse), is the feature.

Operation Christmas Child is a program I have supported off and on over the years. The concept is simple: pack a shoebox with fun and useful items for underprivileged kids (ages 2-14) in a foreign country.

Shopping for kids is always something I enjoy, but for Operation Christmas Child, I get even more excited. Because I know the kid receiving the gift needs the items. Things like a toothbrush, a comb, a hat, pencils, and other things I take for granted every single day.

Many churches and local groups provide Op Christmas Child branded boxes and labels with shipping/drop-off information. Or you can hop on to the website.

My box(es) are all packed and ready to drop off on Sunday. I decided to write a note to the kids, something I’ve never taken the time to do.

There’s still time to run to Target and fill up a box with goodies!

Make a child’s Christmas extra special this year. You’ll be glad you did.

op xmas


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