Merchandise Monday: Better LIfe Bags

Some time ago, while I was perusing Pinterest, I noticed a pin for a striped bag. Striped being the key word. I love stripes. Anything stripes and I’m on a goner.

Well, this particular pin had me curious. I checked out the original link and immediately knew I’d found an amazing product.

Better Life Bags is all about the bag. Clutches, cross body, totes, etc. They have it all. And the cause is a good one: making a better life for the makers of their fashion forward bags. Their purpose is to help women, unemployable by a recruiter’s standards, get jobs.

That’s a cause I can support.

Plus, did I mention they carry a lot of striped bags? That’s what’s so great about the products. You can pick striped bags, add leather, throw in some cute flower patterns and bright colors and voila! Your very own bag. Forget Coach and Michael Kors. This Christmas, it’s all about showing off your, er, your friend’s, true style.

There is no shortage of wonderful ideas for your friends, mom, sister, cousin, mentor, etc. Here are some of my faves from the Ready to Ship section (photos from BLB website):

Cyndi Classic $107

Cyndi Classic $107

alicia clutch

Alicia Clutch $66

Custom Key Fob $17

Custom Key Fob $17

Happy shopping!


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