Naps and nighttime: How I survived Mockingjay Part 1.

Half gallon of Coke is always a good idea...

Half gallon of Coke is always a good idea…

I am not cut out for late-night movie theater escapades…unless I take a nap pre-movie and fill up on a ridiculous amount of Coke. That’s exactly what I did last night/today.

My friend and I have sat side-by-side during Catching Fire and Divergent, so we already had this date built into our calendars the minute Fandango, Facebook, and IMDb alerted us to the release of Mockingjay Part 1. While neither of us loved the third installment of the series in hardcover, we were open-minded about the theatrical version.

Spoiler alert: Mockingjay translates better on screen.

But in order to watch said film, my friend and I had to prep. We texted and talked after work on Thursday. Caribou BOGO was considered and then immediately scratched – written off as a bit excessive. Dinner at our respective homes was discussed. We agreed that naps were the best option and willingly fell asleep. Hard. When my phone alarm sounded,  I was pretty sure I had made a grave mistake in agreeing to a 10:30 pm showing. I stumbled and fumbled with my boots and jacket, not even caring if my friend held up the agreement to dress like high schoolers in yoga pants and UGGs. A mirror check was not completed, nor a brush run through my hair before I left the house. That’s friendship. And a late-20’s mindset.

Inside the theater, we ordered our usual: large popcorn and large pop. Filling the half gallon cups with Coke and pouring extra butter into containers, we were set. Settled into our seats, reminiscent of your dad’s favorite La-Z-Boy, we chatted away about our favorite Downton (Abbey) characters, work, movies, the Glade commercial with my new favorite Christmas song (which reminds me, I need to download it for free), and other randomly important topics. Questions were raised during the previews about whether or not the Minions’ movie will be subtitled, what the heck happened to the History Channel showing documentaries, if Matthew Crawley is in the next Night at the Museum movie, and what even is the new movie featuring the ever so polarizing Paltrow. Aristotle level musings, as you can see.

Mockingjay Part 1, the reason we dragged ourselves out of bed at bedtime, was more than we expected it to be. It made sense. The scenes didn’t seem foreign, the various air craft and weapons were visualized. Characters were deep, dialogue witty and powerful. Overall, it is my favorite Hunger Games movie thus far. And that’s not just the Coke talking.

But best of all, was the company. The person on the other side of the arm rest who jumped when I jumped, laughed when I laughed, held her breath when I did, and simultaneously mirrored my facial expressions of shock, suspicion, and suspense throughout the entire film. Because regardless of the stars on the silver screen, the critics’ reviews, or the hour of the day/night, these types of adventures are meaningless without a partner.


This post was written in an attempt to convince my friend to pre-order Fandango tickets to Insurgent. She claims she can’t see it because she never read the book. I’ll be lost without her!


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