Merchandise Monday: Redshoes 26

I thought my Christmas list was complete. And then I went to the Midtown Global Market on Saturday. My mission was to purchase one last item from Fringe and Fettle. Apparently, I’m stalking Joanna…per a facebook request, she saved an item for me and I swooped in to pick up my loot. Perfection.

Since I’d paid for an hour of parking, I thought it would be a waste to just leave. Besides, there were some incredibly talented artisans and vendors I had to check out.

And check out I did.

Pushing through the busy halls and booths, I basically ran into redshoes26. Christy Johnson’s art work pulled me in. Of all the artists and graphic designers, Christy’s work stood out like a red sock in the white load.

The state icons of Minnesota made me proud of where I grew up and live. And there’s signs from your state, too.

Babe the Blue Ox Statue - $25 USD

Babe the Blue Ox Statue – $25 USD

Giant Slide - $25 USD

Giant Slide – $25 USD

Landmark Center - $25 USD

Landmark Center – $25 USD

Navy Pier - $25 USD

Navy Pier  Ferris Wheel – $25 USD

Along with these framed prints, redshoes26 offers pillows, custom signs, zip pouches, and boxed cards.

Your loved ones will love these photos, showing off the pride of their state.


2 thoughts on “Merchandise Monday: Redshoes 26

  1. Thank you so much for the love! We thoroughly enjoy how you refer to our work as “[standing] out like a red sock in a white load [of laundry.]” Hilarious! And awesome.

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