And she said, “What about Breakfast at Tiffany’s?”

When my little sister called me on her way home from a fishing trip to Canada in September and said,”I’m engaged!” I knew I needed to throw her a great shower. Her favorite actress is Audrey Hepburn. One of her favorite movies, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” It was settled, the shower would be Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Taking a cue from Pinterest, I was flooded with ideas and inspiration within and not so within my budget. Thanks to Party City, The Dollar Tree, Michael’s, and my parents’ Costco and Amazon Prime memberships (thanks for the password, Dad), and subsequently their credit card, I was able to pull off a great event. Oh, and my sister has wonderful future bridesmaids who pitched in!


My talented graphic designer friend made these invites come to life! I bought the paper products from Anchor Paper in Roseville. Years ago, I purchased a cute little NYC stamp set from West Elm. Thankfully, all of my mother-daughter Stampin’ Up parties paid off. Of course, there was info on where the event was held and my personal contact info, which I whited out for internet viewing purposes.


Again, my graphic designer made me vinyl lettering!


Upon entrance, every girl was greeted and pearled. I bought the necklaces at Party City in the Roaring 20’s section. They were 1920’s long, so I had to cut each necklace in half and hot glue them back together. I used little Tiffany Blue colored tags (from Michael’s) and wrote each girls name in black and attached them to the pearls with fishing line.


The goodie bags for guests. Ummm I was in such a hurry, I didn’t get a picture of the sugar cookies shaped like diamond rings that I painstakingly frosted. I googled how to frost “diamond shaped cookies” and found Bake at 350! Life-saving tips for me, a piping newbie. Each cookie was in a small clear plastic box that I bought from my local bakery supply store. And each bag contained a few pieces of Taffy Town taffy in Blue Raspberry and Vanilla.


A closer look. I found the little tags at Michael’s. The jewel stickers are also from Michael’s and used on the invites, too. The stamp is an oldie I found in my mom’s stamp bin that had a country-looking heart on the bottom, which the diamond sticker covers. The bags are from Party City.


Gift table! The pic of Audrey belongs to my sister. The jewelry displays are from work. The necklace is mine — love that Stella & Dot. The boxes are wrapped in paper from Party City. The ribbon is from Michael’s and tied in true Tiffany fashion thanks to a random how-to blog I found! For a girl who can barely tie her shoes, that was quite a feat. The coffee server belongs to my momma. The roses are from Costco. The table cloths are from Bed, Bath, & Beyond.


The frame belongs to my mother. The necklace is my sister’s. The Tiffany & Co.
picture is from the Tiffany catalog. Can you say freebie?!


I found place setting cards at Party City and decorated them with stickers from Michael’s. I think the diamonds sprinkled around on the tables are also from Michael’s.


The cigarette and holder are from Party City’s Roaring 20’s section.

BAT13    BAT84  BAT83

I made two kinds of danishes — cheese danishes from Barefoot Contessa (“How easy is that?”) and the Ham and Cheese danishes are from Back in the Day Bakery’s cookbook. They’re my sister’s favorite. The pastry bags are an Amazon find.

BAT17  BAT16

Coffee and Tiffany Blue punch! The tray is from The Dollar Tree (there were more trays throughout the room). The straws are from Home Goods. The punch server is a Costco find.

BAT21  BAT22 BAT24 BAT25

The photos are from the Tiffany catalog. The frames are random and once held family photos (the family photos are safely back in the frames). Again, all the jewelry displays and the mirrors are from work. The rings are from Stavanger, Norway and can only be purchased in Norway from the Oil Museum.

The girls in attendance are from various parts of my sister’s life – childhood, high school, college, work, and her current PhD program. They all came dressed in Breakfast at Tiffany’s inspired outfits, per the instructions on the invite. Everyone looked great and had impeccable taste and creativity in their costuming. There was lots of laughs, smiles, conversations, and stories. I enjoyed getting to know some of her friends and watching my sister, dressed just like Holly Golightly in a black dress, heels, pearls, a tiara (Michael’s find), long black gloves (Party City), her cigarette holder and cigarette, and perfectly piled hair dance around the room with a smile on her face.

All-in-all, it was a fabulous breakfast, darling.


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