Soundtrack to a July Saturday night

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Celebrated the marriage of a friend last night amongst a host of college friends. The conversations with former classmates and hall mates, and their spouses, reminded me of how much we’ve grown. Very few of us are using our degrees for the field we graduated in. None of us planned to be where we are today. And yet, here we are. 29-31 years of age. Talking about how young we once were. Trying to remember so and so and who they married. Wondering whatever happened to that one kid. Laughing over how long ago it was that we entered college. And looking forward more than backward at where life is heading.

We seem to have reached the point where we’re at peace with our pasts, the mistakes and missteps, the joys and journey. And that’s a good feeling. To realize that we’re somewhere in the middle of it all. Not there yet but not where we were before.

Underscored in all of our stories of joys and families and life after college was this verse. Chosen, of course for the bride and groom, fitting and perfect for the pair, and also a thread woven through all of our stories.


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