Adulting as told by Kevin McCallister

When you’re an adult, life can be pretty hard. For real, and for dramatic reasons, one is often left feeling whelmed – whether over or under – it doesn’t matter.

Sometimes, I think back on yesteryear. The good old days of childhood. As a child of the 90’s, I vividly recall simplicity and unscheduled play time. The hardest decision was who would hang up the phone first. And then came somewhat more, but less than now, complicated high school days. And college was full of it’s own stressed out to the max relatable Buzzfeed posts.

But then adulthood hits. The after college graduation part that no one tells you about. Thankfully, we have Kevin McCallister to shed light on the horrors of adult life in the modern era.

  1. Instead of reading Cosmo, you get excited about cooking and home decorating magazines.

home alone5

Oooh recipes!

2. You are always stopping for groceries because you still can’t make a list the way your mom did.

home alone16

3. The number of times you have a “this would happen to me” moment is a daily occurrence.

home alone19

4. When you’re stressed out after a long day at work.

home alone2

Junk food – check. Comfy clothes – check. TV – check.

5. You are always grateful for food.

home alone1

Highly nutritious microwavable meals. 

6. You often feel the need to talk or sing to yourself because you just can’t even.

home alone4

7. Your general reaction to difficult situations is to smile and nod.

home alone7

8. While you know that your employer is vastly underpaying you, exploiting you, and bribing you with measly free meals, you still accept them and enjoy every bite.

home alone8

9. When people ask you what you do outside of work, you tell them:

home alone20

10. You read travel books and mark all the pages you want to visit but can’t find the time/money/travel companion that won’t annoy you…

home alone18

11. Sometimes you just sit around. Doing nothing.

home alone15

12. Twice a month, you have money. Often, it is deposited into your account and then promptly drained by bills.

home alone13

13. Leaving work early is a cause for celebration.

home alone14

14. You don’t know anything.

home alone12

15. You’re a savvy consumer and ask valid questions.

home alone11

16. There are days when adulting has you all…

home alone10

This is my life? Why is this my life?

17. When someone wrongs you or threatens all things sacred in your life, you fight for your rights.

home alone3

18. Every so often, words of wisdom come out of your mouth and you sound smart and mature and stuff.

home alone9

19. When you’re actually right about something and can prove all those doubters wrong.

home alone17

20. You treat yourself to nice things.

home alone21

21. And then remember why you can’t have nice things.

home alone33

22. Since you are an adult, and you can’t always bring your friend with you to new places, you try to look nonchalant and totally in control, but end up looking super awkward and clueless about life.

home alone22

Is this the correct floor for dermatology? What room is this conference in?

23. That moment you forgot to pay a bill on time and you’re pretty sure the bank will repossess everything you own.

home alone24

24. At work, when you have to concentrate because this is your real life job, it’s all about the headphones.

home alone25

25. Your general reaction to stupidity.

home alone26

26. If someone asks what your career/life plan is, you draw them something like this:

home alone27

27. Doing dangerous and daring things scares you, and often results in stiffness and pain the next day.

home alone28

28. Chores are horrible. Forget doing dishes as a kid, now you’ve gotta do hard things like check your oil, clean in places you never thought needed cleaning, lift heavy objects, and use large tools.

home alone29

29. You are very skeptical of information from people your own age.

home alone31

30. Seriously, you don’t trust the information unless your parents or someone their age who has raised grown children confirms the information.

home alone30

31. Sometimes you still offer to babysit because there’s guaranteed to be food.

home alone32

In the end, no matter how hard or comical the adult life can be, you always need a good hug.

home alone23


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