The humor of a Krispy bar. 

As a former nanny, I know a thing or two about car rides and kids. Besides the obvious booster seats and car seats, I also know they have this intense need to kick your seat, smear up your windows, request all the popular music, and beg for food. This can come in a few forms – begging to stop at every fast food place they see, ripping into snacks that you packed (and if you didn’t…tsk tsk), or asking if they can eat all the food when they get to the destination.

So, on Saturday when I brought my cousin’s kiddo to the Gopher Women’s Hockey game, I packed snacks and knew we’d fill up on junk food and then get dinner on the way home. I wasn’t sure if I needed to pull out snacks for the trip to the game, so I hadn’t mentioned it to my backseat passenger singing along to Radio Disney. And then, as I was driving into the parking ramp with everyone else, I heard her say, “Megan, can I have the rice Krispy bars?!” I hadn’t even told her about said Krispy bars! She told me she had a great nose.

I let her eat one bar before going into the game where we consumed nachos and popcorn. But then, on the way back to the car, she asked if she could eat the rest of the bars! Thinking she’d be full after one bar, I said yes.

When all the Krispy bars were almost gone she asked, “Is there salt in these?” Of course! I cannot make a Krispy bar unless it is the SmittenKitchen Browned butter Krispy treats! And they have that glorious pinch of sea salt. I was then informed that the bars were too salty.

Maybe when you eat four!
With dinner on the horizon, I was pretty sure she’d spoiled her appetite. We pulled into Noodles for din din and the first thing she saw when we walked up to the counter were gigantic rice Krispy bars!

“Can I have a rice Krispy bar?” The child had the nerve to ask.

“There is no way you’re eating another rice Krispy bar!” I told her and turned to order our dinners with water (our pop quota had been met).

Halfway through dinner, she had to use the bathroom. We trucked back to the bathrooms. I was instructed to wait right outside the door. I scrolled through my phone and heard, “Megan, you need to turn off the water.” Apparently the Wet Bandits before her had left the water running and she couldn’t shut it off. I was about to leave the bathroom after helping with the water fiasco when I noticed there was no toilet paper. At this point, I knew she had to go…so instead of asking the staff to refill the roll, I had my almost 8 year old cousin hold the men’s bathroom door open while I grabbed toilet paper! With her helpful comments on the smell and how gross it was for me to be in the men’s bathroom, I shoved the toilet paper in her hands and made a run for it.
With the bathroom drama behind us, we walked back to our seats to find that our plates had been cleared. Since she hadn’t finished her beef stroganoff, I told the staff that they had literally taken food from a child (ok I didn’t actually say that), and they offered to bring another bowl out. We sat back down and the high school boy who had prematurely cleared our table, apologized with a giant rice Krispy treat.

I thanked him and turned to my wide eyed companion, sizing up the gigantic bar. And then we laughed. And laughed.

Because it was a moment where something as simple as rice Krispy cereal in bar form becomes an inside joke. A moment where being a kid and being an adult melt together into one big delicious treat.


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