So, this is love.

flower daisy yellow

In May, I had some scheduled events to attend. A bridal shower. A baby shower. A wedding. And one unscheduled event. A funeral.

If you asked me in April which event would be filled with the most love, I’d have said the wedding. Or the baby shower. Because, hello, they are all about love. A husband and wife. A mother and baby.

Love. Duh.

But then, I attended the funeral of my cousin’s sweet wife, and everything changed. Love changed, or I suppose it was my outlook on love.

Because I was there when love was lost. When the presence of someone who loves so big and so loud is suddenly gone. When the people who were loved so big and so loud are suddenly alone. Left here to wonder why and question how. Why did this happen? And how do we go on?

Without love.

At her funeral, my cousin spoke to those in attendance, words to comfort us in his time of loss. Stories to remind us of why and how. Why he fell in love. And how she captured his love.

Because of love.

My cousin spoke to his kids, to their kids, about why and how. Why their mom loved so big and so loud. And how she fell in love with each of them and loved them forever and always.

Love. Duh.

And it hit me, sitting at the funeral, the baby shower, and the wedding (I was unable to attend the bridal shower), so, this is love. All of it. The story of the beginning, the middle, and the end.

The falling in love, butterfly stomach moments that lead couples down the aisle. The then comes baby in a baby carriage moments. And then the moment where that love is lost. And those babies and half of that couple hold on to each other.

Because of love.

But the greatest moment of love is when it is lost. When love leaves, that’s when you realize how big and how loud the love was. Not at the wedding or the baby shower. But at the end when all you have left is the memory of that love, the impact of that love in your life.

Without love.

That’s love. True love.

So, this is love.


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