Showered in Spades

There’s no easy way to say goodbye to a loved one. There’s no easy way to move forward. Despite all of the goodbyes and all of the sadness my family experienced in May, we continue to do what families do. Change and grow. And on Sunday, that’s what we did.

Just like when Anne joined our family, we opened our arms once again to welcome another cousin-in-law into our midst. She’s our cousin’s fiance and we could not be more excited that she chose us (well, she chose him, but we were probably a big factor).

I was thrilled to put on my party-planning hat and help host her shower. In true Megan fashion, I knew it had to be themed (see post from my sister’s shower). A quick peek at the bride-to-be’s Pinterest board and I knew immediately we had to go preppy and fun. What better way to do that than with Kate Spade?!

With a chosen theme, I set out on Pinterest to hunt and gather ideas. I hired my graphic designer friend to design the invites (copied from a Pinterest board), as well as recipe cards, and little thank you tags for the favors.

The result was fun and perfect. The party was fun and perfect. Our family is pretty low-key so we didn’t plan any games (besides, if I’m being honest, I’m not a huge bridal shower game fan). But there was an impromptu blind taste test (red, yellow, and orange bell peppers were involved), a hilarious photo that we sent to an aunt who lives in the PNW, and shared stories from the mother of the groom’s mom and sisters on marriage.

Here’s what it looked like.

shower mock up for blog

Please note, I erased all personal info for privacy. It looked a lot prettier than this!

recipe mock for blog

Each guest received a recipe card with their invitation. They were asked to fill out their favorite dish and bring the card to the shower.

I think I’ll be a florist when I grow up. Costco bouquets broken up into the perfect arrangements. The hydrogenous were cut down to fit into a candy dish (it’s not a vase) with a chalkboard that I wrote “LOVE” on. The other flowers were split into small gold polka dot vases from Hobby Lobby. The glass votive candles are my mom’s (I believe they are Orrefors crystal).


Costco cutlery cleverly hidden behind napkins and skinny striped ribbon from Michael’s.


I swapped out family pics for pics of the future bride and groom. I used the back of extra shower invites (which had the couple’s wedding hashtag on it) for decorations. Most of the paper products are from Hobby Lobby. The random striped gifts off to the side are for looks. The recipe box in the front held all of the recipe cards from guests.

I mean, the food alone deserved its own collage. And hostess fail, I didn’t get a pic of the chicken salad and croissants. You’ll just have to imagine those. Also, before you get super impressed, I did not make the truffles. But I did make the cookies. My aunt made the delish tarts. And the dip in the red cabbage is Penzey’s Green Goddessssss. And yes, it needs all of those s’s.



All guests received a jar of my aunt’s homemade freezer jam! Yum-o!

Now, that we partied Kate Spade style, we’re ready for the wedding in August! Thankful to be adding another cousin to our midst.



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