Transplant day

I’m the passenger in my parents SUV, sprawled out in the backseat, heading to the hospital. It’s a scene I remember all too well from childhood. Doctor appointments and surgery days. 

This time, I’m not the one heading into surgery. Instead it’s my brother in law and my cousin in law. They’re both having surgery. On the same day. At the same hospital. My brother in law is giving his kidney to my cousin in law. Why? Because we’re family. 

A few months ago, we learned that my cousin’s husband needed a new kidney. Friends and family followed Facebook links to see if we were contenders in the great kidney donation of 2016. And my brother in law won. 

After tests and more tests, he was cleared as the official donor. 

It’s the kind of story you read about online, see on a news special – some Land of 10,000 Lakes story narrated by an award winning journalists, a Today Show special with Matt and Natalie talking about what a great story it is. And it is. But the story didn’t start with the kidney donation. It started when my cousin and my sister chose their husbands. Their love stories are filled with humor – women who didn’t expect to fall in love. And yet, they did. And here they are sending their husbands into surgery. 

Tomorrow will be a long day, filled with lots of waiting, but we are family – lifting these in-laws up in prayer, supporting each other through emails and texts, the way we pull together in every other situation we face. 

We are family. 


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