MN in ME

Kennebunkport has been on my bucket list since the last time I visited Maine. On that trip, we drove into Kennebunkport but didn’t have time to do anything. Seriously. We just turned the car around.

This time I made sure to schedule a day in Kennebunkport. It did not disappoint.

I stayed in Portland, ME and the drive to Kennebunkport is about 45 minutes on Route 1 (I avoided tolls – Minnesota driver here). Before I left Portland, I stopped at The Holy Donut in Scarborough. I’m not a super chocolate fan but ordered the dark choc with sea salt. So yum. So soft. Don’t bother with Dunkin Donuts (I can get Dunkin anytime in Minne).

Kennebunkport is THE Quintessential New England beach town. You can practically feel the sea salt (and charm) cling to your hair as you walk along the beach on Beach Road. Quite a hike from Kennebunkport, folks. Pack the walking shoes and sunscreen (do as I say, not as I do). Every Fitbit step is worth it for the views of the Atlantic, and the houses are beyond (for multi-million dollar beach houses on the Atlantic Ocean, they aren’t as pretentious as Lake Minnetonka houses. Yes, I said it). You can rent bikes and bike along the ocean. I did not do that because I would need to rent a child size bike (short legs). (You can also rent kayaks and go out on the river).

The shops and restaurants in Kennebunkport are like Nisswa (for you Minnesotans) on steroids. Each storefront building is unique and looks like you’re walking down an old fashioned Main Street. Charm. Charm. Charm. Daytrip Society is a must stop. Just go in every store.

Food wise, you’d be an idiot not to eat at The Clam Shack. Order the lobster roll with butter and a small side of fries. It’ll set you back $19.95 for the lobster roll alone, but for the lobster roll that will ruin you for all other lobster rolls, it’s not even an option to complain about the price. There’s also the most adorable lemonade stand next to The Clam Shack’s patio. I ordered a fresh squeezed lemonade after my long walk on the beach. The freshest, lemoniest, juiciest, sweetest lemonade in the history of lemonades. Don’t forget to tip the kid making the lemonade.

It’s tourist crazy on summer days, so arrive early. There’s a free parking lot just before you get to Kennebunkport — park there! Pedestrians rule the town, so it’s a super safe cross walk situation. The only people who ride mopeds are the local high school/college kids. The high school version of you will be jealous of the girls and crush on the boys as they zoom around Kennebunkport like they’re on a WB show.

If you drive out along Ocean Avenue (Yellowcard, anyone?), there’s some great views of the ocean – duh. You can kinda pull your car over and snap some pics.

Go on a solo trip. Take your fam bam. If your kids whine about walking or can’t sit in a stroller or hate shopping, leave them with Grandma!

Kennebunkport is a definite must stop on your Maine trip!

{Don’t bother going to Old Orchard Beach. It smells like the State Fair and everything is commercialized and blah. Just stick with Kennebunkport — views, shops, food, beaches.}

MN’s travel tips for solo travelers:

  1. Plan. Plan. Plan. I mainly used social media and TripAdviser to plan my trip to Maine. Yes, I had visited before, but I stalked all of the Maine Instagram accounts and determined where I wanted to eat, shop, and stop. 
  2. Rent a car. There’s a lot of open space in Maine and you will need wheels to get around. Make sure you’re comfortable with the car – size and drive. Turn on a local radio station and blast your favorite tunes. 
  3. Wake up early and get going! Driving will take time and you don’t want to arrive when all of the other tourists arrive! Early bird gets the worm. 
  4. Be spontaneous. Yes, I said to plan plan plan. But after you do that, be prepared to throw the plans out the window so you’re not freaked out about being here or there at specific times. 
  5. Buy food. Sometimes it feels awkward eating alone. But don’t. 
  6. Talk to strangers. Be willing to talk to other tourists and locals. You may just meet a new friend!

2 thoughts on “MN in ME

  1. Megan! Do you write as a profession? You are so good!! Now this is a place I too would like to visit!!

    I’d sell this to the city and them put it on their web site!!

    Thanks for sharing!!

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