What have I done?

It’s a question I get asked, um, never. Well, ok, maybe that’s not true.

My resume is a bit schizophrenic sometimes, but I guarantee there is a path that runs through it.

Here’s the dealio, I once wrote for The Hockey Writer’s – it’s this online blog full of hockey talk (right up my alley).

LINK to my articles: CLICK HERE 

I also wrote a book (say, what?) for Feed My Starving Children. It’s not available on Amazon.com or B&N, but it was distributed at their annual Gala in Minneapolis (fall 2012). It’s called and you can read it in it’s entirety here: 1987-2012: 25 Years of Miracles.


You: “That’s it? That’s all you’ve done?”

Me: “No!”

I’ve achieved many things in my post-college years. I think I’m too far removed from college to say “post-college,” so from here on out, I guess I’ll refer to it as my “professional career.” Weird.

Many of my accomplishments are measurable. Many are not. Why? Because I work with people and measuring their success is no easy feat. But believe me, the people whose paths I’ve crossed have taught me more than I could ever teach them. They have risen to challenges, challenged my challenges, and changed their lives and the lives of others.


All this to say (I actually have no clue what I just said), you can always stalk me on LinkedIn, follow me on Twitter (actually, don’t. I’m terrible at Twitter) and check out my photos on Instagram.



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